Why Should You?

If you’re in grades 7-12, we want you to use your curiosity and creativity to make the world a better place through STEM.

Think about the challenges facing Canada and the world: Discovery, Energy, Environment, Health, Information, Innovation, and Resources. Start with whatever you love (there’s STEM in everything); use the skills you’re good at, and do something you care about.

Canadian scientists, engineers, innovators, entrepreneurs – and even astronauts – say that their science project and science fair experience changed their lives. Where will your project take you?

How to Register?

First, read the ORSF Rules and Regulation.

Second, check the important dates.

Third, make sure you complete your registration.

Fourth, start your awesome project!

This year ORSF will be in-person and will NOT use the ProjectBoard platform. You will need to create a physical poster board for your project.

Visit our Participant’s portal to register or login!

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Special Mentions

The Graham Family Foundation