Science has never been this rewarding...

As a participant in the Ottawa Regional Science Fair, you are not only presenting your research to the public but you are competing for cool prizes too! These awards can include, but are not limited to, trips, cash awards, chances to meet like-minded professionals, and 1 of the 11 spots on Team Ottawa at the Canada-Wide Science Fair. These awards are made possible by our sponsors:

Grand Prizes

Awarded to the highest scoring project overall.

Awarded to the highest scoring project in each age category.

An outstanding exhibitor or exhibitors with entrepreneurial spirit and a project that demonstrates commercial potential.

11 of the best projects selected to represent the Ottawa Region at the Canada-Wide Science Fair

An entrance scholarship given to the top Senior project to encourage the
winner(s) to pursue studies in science or engineering at Carleton University.

Presented on behalf of The Faculty of  Science, the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa. This Award is a $1,000 scholarship to the most deserving Senior project (grade 11 or 12 only)


Divisional Challenge Awards

Create new fundamental knowledge based on your curiosity by asking a question and using the techniques of scientific inquiry to develop an answer.

Improve our use of current energy sources, enable the transition to alternative energy sources, or reduce our energy footprint.

Reduce our impact on, improve our understanding of, and ensure the quality of water air, soil, and the diversity of living things.

Increase our understanding of the human body, or apply science and technology to improve health, control disease, or support an aging population.

Enhance communication and our use of information using digital and networking technologies, or applications of new media.

Combine scientific principles with your creativity to develop a new material, structure, device, or system to solve a problem or improve an existing solution.

Develop better ways to use our natural resources that provide sustainable sources of food, products, or prosperity.

Special Awards*

Water is our most valuable resource, that requires on-going efforts to manage it in the most responsible and sustainable manner. The WEAO Award focuses on innovative ideas for preserving and/or enhancing the water environment.

Awarded to a top project related to one or more of the following subject areas:

  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Stormwater management
  • Biosolids energy and resource recovery
  • Water reuse/grey water systems
  • Constructed wetlands
  • Properties of water

Awarded to a project that reflects Canada Post’s commitment to innovation, community, integrity, and respect. Eligible projects will have implications for the shipping industry including, but not limited to, projects that impact materials, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, storage, or recycling/disposal. 

For a student who has demonstrated a keen interest, knowledge and creativity in the area of horticulture and/or plant science through an outstanding project.

For outstanding projects that demonstrate a knowledge of some aspect of natural history, field ecology, or wildlife conservation.

Best project related to the HVAC industry or have some potential application for heating, ventilating and/or cooling.

Best project related to weather, climate, oceans and/or environment.

Outstanding Project that demonstrates Principles of Physics or the beneficial uses of nuclear science and technology in electricity production, medicine, industry, transportation, environmental protection or other application.

Junior and Intermediate projects related to Health Care but with an emphasis on psychology/mental health 

An outstanding project that addresses aviation, engineering and/or cybersecurity as it relates to the aerospace industry, and/or looks to the future of aerospace research.

Best project on a topic related to environmental toxicology, chemistry, pollution, contamination, remediation or environmental protection

An outstanding exhibitor or exhibitors with entrepreneurial spirit and a project that demonstrates commercial potential.

Independent projects related to health science research

An outstanding project that develops a product, device, or technology that could be available to the general public.

A project with the most “likes” through our social media channels.

*Please note: Special Award availability may vary from year to year.

Thank you to our sponsors!



Special Mentions

The Graham Family Foundation