2021 ORSF is Virtual

The 2021 ORSF has concluded. Well done to everyone!

Getting Started with ProjectBoard

The ORSF will be using ProjectBoard to host the virtual science fair. Participants will showcase their science projects using a combination of video, pictures, and written text.

The buttons to the right have guides that will help you register, and get your project set-up on the virtual platform.

Step 1, Registering on mySTEMspace, will explain how to create your account for the virtual fair. This is where you will start.

Step 2, Setting up your project in the virtual fair, has guides that explain how to create your virtual fair project, how to navigate ProjectBoard, and how to make sure that it is entered into the virtual fair. The first VIDEO and the DOWNLOAD guide in this section also has important information for setting up your project if you are working with a partner.

2020-03-24 — New video guides have been posted

Preparing your Project Content

The button to the right will take you to a document with detailed guidance for each section of the virtual fair. It has information about the kind of content that you should create to showcase your science project on ProjectBoard.

Please follow the guidelines in this document closely. It will help you to present your project in a clear and meaningful way for judging.

Thank you to our sponsors!



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The Graham Family Foundation